This thing seems to never end. Constantly new insights and conclusions. After succesful application of the model on Mars and Venus, I have just been browsing theories and physics educational webpages. I should mention that I am mostly homeschooled in physics, and I have a really bad teacher: myself. So I constantly search for more knowledge.

The equations used in the last post are exactly the same as for a sphere with a shell in an electric field. The effective radiation acts like a Gaussian surface and Gauss law of gravity fits in with this ”electric” field. I am leaning towards gravity being the equivalent of the magnetic field, but for electromagnetic radiation(heat) instead of current. Some people have been promoting the ”electric universe” as a better model of the universe. I don´t want to go all the way there, but it seems that they have a point.

The reason for this post is that I wasn´t fully satisfied with the calculations of the tropopause temperature, it was acceptable but a bit more off than the rest of the equations, and I knew that 1/3 of the surface temperature is an exact match to the tropopause temp. But I wanted to figure out why I needed another explanation than heat transfer, not just throwing in a number.

I try to steer away from assumptions, they seem to have a bad effect on theories. Assumptions in physics can be spotted when people start talking about dark matter, gravitons, 11 dimensions and other stuff which no one has ever observed anywhere. Much of it can´t even be expected to be observed, ever. Nowadays the whole universe has become a fantasy built with only fiction from a stack of assumptions that explains observations with only things that has never been observed. An odd approach for a science with the foundation in confirming theory only with observations, isn´t it?

I mean… dark matter? What? Who made that up?

Dark matter has never been observed, no one knows what it is, it is claimed to be much more powerful than everything we observe, it is supposed to be much larger than everything we observe, it is said to be everywhere in the universe although you can´t see it. A very problematic thing about dark matter, is that it is used to explain everything we don´t understand, but without answering anything. It is very unphysical and It sounds very familiar…

Now I remember. In church it is called God.

To avoid explanations including God, because including God is bad physics, I had another look. I found that Gauss gravity gave another interesting confirmation of the gravity-heat loop. It implies that the solar constant is only doing work on the system, and that emission is earth´s own property. Which confirms Prevosts conclusion that the emission depends on the internal state only. It also uses volume and the surface flux from the volume for gravity. It is a good support for my use of units in Nm^2 as a function of heating of a volume.



(Mistake above, it should be ½TSI=4/3T⁴=4g²+4/3g²)


Earth mean surface temperature = sigmaT^4=4g^2 and 4/3*g^2=mean tropopause temperature as emissive power

Earth behaves as it was located in an electrical field. It has a charged shell from ionization in the atmosphere, and a negative potential from the half-surface area irradiation that would be the gravity potential. Either heat and electricity is fully equal in their behaviour as separate expressions of energy in the universe, or earth is actually an electric body.

Thunderstorms in a new perspective. This is going to keep me up at night.