This is a short post, just to show something simple and beautiful.

Consider the earth surface with the mass m, being heated by the sun with radiation at the speed c while at the same time emitting radiation at the speed c:


Now, if I take the speed of light in km/s instead of m/s and divide by TSI/(4/3)^2 I get the emissive power of the surface. I discovered this a long time ago, but I am still working on what the cause could be for using km/s instead of m/s. Probably it has something to do with decceleration of light speed inside the atmosphere, but it is not clear to me how that would work. Are our units maybe wrong? Should Watts have three more zeros? Should the lightspeed have three less? Is lightspeed really a measure of speed? Or is it a measure of radial acceleration?

I have been thinking for a long time that we need to take Einsteins equation seriously. We need to accept that we are standing on a ball hurling through space at lightspeed, along with everything around us. I have a vague idea about heat being the product of newtonian force and counterforce, relative differences in speed. Relativity.

Heat may be the result of expansion meeting the resistance of space. But, that might imply that the sun doesn´t produce its radiation from self-induced fission and fusion, they are a product of friction. I have a strong feeling that we are not observing any causes, everything we see is an effect. Electricity makes more and more sense.