Because some people don´t go to work driving a forklift. Some people go to work doing this:

Sometimes I want to become a criminal, because in my country you can go to jail and get a degree. I wonder what crime I should do to get enough jail time  to get qualified to do the kind of stuff in the link. Unfortunately, I believe in being a good guy, which limits the types of crime I am willing to do. Bankrobbery would be a good one, banks deserve everything bad that happens to them. But causing psychological trauma to workers on the floor would eat me up. And I guess there is no cash in bank-offices nowadays, so I would look stupid. Nah, f*ck it. I´ll keep moving pallets for a while, it´s easy money. But, damn! I would like to spend my days on physics.

Back to the linked science, they connect temperature gradients, gravity and electric current. A nice trinity, isn´t it? Almost like a father(electricity), a son(temperature) and a holy ghost(gravity). Don´t get me wrong, I left religion a long time ago. But I think this trinity is all there is. We have all the solutions already. Just put them together as pieces of a puzzle. In my experience, it´s not much harder than this:


So I look for pieces on the table, instead of imagining pieces with added dimensions or new pieces like ”gravitons” or stuff from accelerators, like ”god-particles”. I am not saying they don´t exist, I´m just saying that I don´t think they are necessary, or even relevant, for completing our model of reality. In my mind, that stuff is about the hue of yellow on the eskimo´s nice suit, and thermal physics is the table that we put the puzzle-pieces on.

At the moment I am reading this:

Electric discharges, waves and impulses… and other transients.

The ”other transients” part of the title holds some meaning. This book is full of clues. I see a pretty complete description of reality in there. I really love reading old texts on physics. They are so much better than what we see today. Very basic, very relevant, very realistic. Most of them are free of unicorns living in 11 dimensions with photon-blankets. I recommend.