I read something amazing:

Cold is hot

”If we then increase atmospheric CO2, while leaving everything else unchanged, that will act to block some of the outgoing flux. What essentially happens is that some of the flux will end up coming from higher in the atmosphere that it did when atmospheric CO2 was lower. Since the temperature drops with altitude (in the troposphere) this means that it will now be coming from regions that are cooler and that, hence, emit less. Therefore, the outgoing flux goes down and the system will have to warm to return to energy balance. As already pointed out, doubling atmospheric CO2 is estimated to reduce the outgoing flux by about 3.7Wm-2.”

You see there?

He actually claims that emission at a lower temperature causes higher temperature in a solid body at higher temperature. He says that: carbon dioxide causes emission at lower temperature, and it causes heating.

Heating is always caused by emission at higher temperature. All laws of thermodynamics are broken with this reasoning.